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Slide-Hatch Lid System

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The "Slide-Hatch" lid system is specifically designed to solve safety issues (OH&S) associated with loading grain hoppers. Traditionally, lid hatches were designed for manual opening and closing. This required loading personnel to physically climb to the top of grain consist, to manually open/close hatch lids. This significantly increased the risk of injury and falling from height.

In addition, thsi also added significant tadditional time for train preparation (both pre and post loading), resulting in much reduced throughput productivity.

The " Slide-Hatch" lid system is a fully pneumatic system, with the lid open/close cycle being activated by a single person from ground level. The need to climb grain hoppers has been totally eliminated and a train can be prepared in a fraction of the time, adding significant productivity to grain transport operations.

Other advantages of our lid system design include:

  • Modular concept: Can cater for any hatch length and width.
  • Has a manual opening/closing system, as a backup to the primary pneumatic system
  • Can be retrofitted to existing hopper designs
  • Protects sensitive lading from moisture ingress by providing effective sealing of the hatch opening
  • Can also be applied to protect the surrounding environment from dust pollution, such as dust generated by coal train operation.
  • Designed to have a low profile, to maximise hopper capacity.
  • Low weight
  • Has been in operational service since 2001 and proven to be very reliable.

The "Slide-Hatch" system is an intergal part of our CGAY and CGDY grain hopper designs.

For more information or to obtain a detailed specification on the "Slide-Hatch" lid system, please contact Anic Associates

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