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Cast Components

Our Products

We offer a full range of cast components that are accredited for use within the rail transport sector. They have been specially designed to withstand the severe rail loading environment These castings include:

  • Back Stops: Designed for an end load capacity rating of 4.4MN. Back stops fit into a standard AAR pocket.
  • Front Stops: Designed for a draft end load capacity of 2.8MN. Front stops fit into a standard AAR pocket
  • Towing Links: Designed for a 25t axlelaod (100t gross mass) capacity and used to tow vehicles in emergency situations
  • Sheave Pulley: Used as a force transfer component in end mounted handbrake systems. Designed to withstand chain forces from all AAR certified handbrakes.
  • Centre Casting: Interface between the vehicle body and the bogie. Designed for 25t axleload.
  • Striker Casting: Designed to fit into a standard AAR pocket, with a draft end load capacity of 2.8MN. Striker casting also designed for an AAR vertical coupler load of 22.5t.
  • Container Guide: Designed to guide the loading of container into "well" type wagons.

Our cast components have been proven in operational service since 2007.

We can design and make castings to customer specific requirements.

For more information or to obtain a detailed brochure on our cast component products, please contact Anic Associates

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