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Intermodal Logistics

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Anic Associates have developed a number of proven, efficient wagon designs for the railfreight sector.

In the period of 2000-2010, a total of 419 units of new rollingstock have been manufactured to our designs. This represented a total capital investment of $AUD53 million by our clients. Manufacturers of our designs have included Alstom Australia, Bradken Rail and Bluebird Rail.

All of our designs are fully accredited, operational and providing the required ROI (Return on Investment) to our clients

The intermodal logistics chain involves the transport of containers from intermodal terminal to intermodal terminal. The role of rail is to efficiently provide the "landbridge" between intermodal terminals, especially on the East-West and North-South corridors.

We have developed the following designs for the intermodal logistics sector:

  • "alfa"- A2 Series: 2-TEU container wagon (Operational Code CQKY)
  • "alfa"-A3 Series: 3-TEU container wagon
  • "alfa"- A4 Series: 4-TEU container wagon (Operational Code CQMY)
  • "alfa"-A5 Series: 5 TEU container wagon
  • " alfaSTACK" well type container wagon, for double-stack " landbridge" operations across Australia (Operational Code CQWY).

All of our rollingstock designs are drivers of key competitive factors such as:

  • Deck height above rail
  • Coupling length
  • Consist length/linear density
  • Tare mass
  • Payload/tare ratio
  • Operational speed

A key factor is the deck height above rail and determines if a 2800mm, a 3000mm or 3200mm (in single or double-stack configuration) can be carried. Our designs can carry containers up to 3000mm high (in single stack configuration) or up to 2x3200mm high (in double-stack configuration). The "alfaSTACK" is the only design in Australia that can carry the future 60ft ISO container.

The numbers produced and in operational service are:

CQKY Class - 50
CQMY Class - 80
CQWY Class - 120 (60 x 2-Packs)

Total investment value: $AUD30.8 million

These have been in operational service since 2002, providing efficiency gains and cost savings to our clients.

For more information or to obtain a detailed specification on the "alfa" or "alfaSTACK" container wagons, please contact Anic Associates


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