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Slide-Gate Discharge System

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The "Slide-Gate" discharge system is designed for the discharge of grains with a minimum equivalent diameter of 1mm. The gate system has been optimised for the discharge of wheat, barley and canola.

The gate system is a fully pneumatically operation system, allowing a single operator to control (via switch toggles) the discharge of the complete grain consist, adding significant throughput productivity.

The ground operator can select to either open all discharge gates at the same tome, a single gate or partially open a gate (via the system "inching" capability). This allows an effective control of grain discharge rate, enabling any grain facility to be used, regardless of receival capacity.

No manual effort is required from the ground operator as all control is via pneumatic toggle switches. The risk of potential operator injury has been eliminated.

Our " Slide-Gate" system has enabled a significant gain in productivity, as the complete grain consist can be discharged much faster and with minimal supervision, requiring only a single person to be in attendance.

The discharge gate has a build-in manual override system, should this be required.

The advantages of our "Slide-Gate" discharge system are:

  • Full pneumatic operation, with a manual back-up system
  • Single operator operation,
  • Full control of the rate of grain discharge. This enables all types of grain receival facilities to be used, no matter how small.
  • No manual effort required by the operator, risk of operator injury has been eliminated
  • Designed for maximum flow rate (ie 76 tonnes of grain can be discharged in approximately 114 seconds with all gates fully open)
  • Significant increase in safety and productivity
  • Our "Slide-Gate" system have been in operational service since 2001 and proven to be reliable
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing grain hopper designs

The "Slide-Gate" system is an integral part of our CGAY and CGDY grain hopper designs.

For more information or to obtain a detailed specification on the "Slide-Gate" discharge system, please contact Anic Associates

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