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Grain Logistics

Our Products

Anic Associates is the leading provider of solutions to the grain logistics sector.

We have developed the following products:

  • Maxis "M100 Series" Grain Hopper (100t gross mass, 25t axleload capacity). Operational codes: VHKY and CGAY.
  • Maxis "M92 Series" Grain Hopper (92t gross mass, 23t axleload capacity). Operational code: CGDY
  • MaxisAl "MAl Series" Grain Hopper (Aluminum version of "100 Series"), up to a 3t reduction in tare weight (concept)

The Maxis grain hopper was designed as a single base platform, which then can be used to build hoppers of varying volumetric capacities, depending on silo and track infrastructure restrictions. To date capacities of 100t and 92t gross mass are the preferred capacities selected by our clients. From a cost perspective, this single platfrom design leads to a lower cost, as production lines and jigs are optimised for a common platfrom. From an operator perspective, inventory costs are minimised due to the standardisation of parts across the grain fleet.

Generally, the grain logistics chain involves the transport of grain from the farm to either domestic market or export ports. The "M100 Series" hopper has been designed to transport export grain from high capacity "super silo sites" to export ports. The "M92 Series" hopper has a lower capacity and specifically designed to take into account infrastructure restrictions in regional areas (up-country regional silos). It is primarily aimed at transporting grain from regional silos for domestic consumption.

Key features of both designs include:

  • Minimum tare weight, with maximum capacity (up to a 22% increase in carrying efficiency compared to previous operations)
  • High speed operation (to 110 km/hr)
  • Close coupling between hoppers, for aerodynamic efficiency and fuel savings
  • Future train length expandability: "State-of-the-art" braking system allows for longer train lengths to meet future demand requirements
  • Full pneumatic operation at loading and discharge facilities, increasing fleet throughput productivity by up to 20%, over previous operations
  • Safety: Elimination of OH&AS issues at loading/discharge locations due to climbing to open/close hatch covers and elimination of manual effort to open/close discharge gates
  • Optimised for the transport of wheat, canola and barley
  • Ability to interface with all current loading and discharge infrastructure

The numbers produced to date and in operation are:

VHKY Hoppers - 9
CGAY Hoppers - 81
CGDY Hoppers - 42

Total investment value: $AUD22.6 million

These have been in operational service since 2001, providing efficiency gains and cost savings to our clients.

For more information or to obtain a detailed specification on the Maxis grain hopper, please contact Anic Associates


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